Vladimir A., FPGA designer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Vladimir A., hardware developer, PCB designer.

Examples of issues that Vladimir is responsible for in a number of projects:

  • PCB design and development for analog and digital electronic devices;
  • hardware and software development projects on FPGA VHDL development;
  • schematics development in Mentor Graphics Vbest;
  • PC low-level programming in C and Assembler;
  • schematics development in PCAD.

Vladimir participated as developer in various projects in embedded electronics
Various analog and digital devices development: CCD photo detectors interfaces; power supplies, and interface devices; interfaces with PCs and communication devices.
The high-speed HD TV recording system development hard drive based.
The high-speed and HD CCD cameras and CMOS processing incoming information from them system development.
Gyroscopic stabilization systems of the optical image processing and incoming information.
The high-fluorometer units’ development. Development of various PC peripheral.
Schematics development using TI's DaVinci processors and ARM architecture on Mentor Graphics DC.
FPGA hardware development ALTERA, Xilinx, and CPLD on Verilog language.
Night vision devices development and adjustment on CERs and CMOS.

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