Video Processing Software Development

Video data processing, color correction, elimination of digital image defects algorithms development.

Optical Device Design

Outsourced desing house: electronics, embedded solutions, algorithms and software for digital optical devices - thermal imagers, monoculars, binoculars, sights, attachments to sights, etc.

Wearable Device Development

Contract development, prototyping and serial production of digital devices and wearable & handheld devices, consumer electronics for the mass market.



Drone Software & Hardware

Hardware and software solutions for UAS, UAV, drones.

Telecommunications Equipment

Development, prototyping, contract production of hardware, software and emdedded systems for providing communication via various channels: radio, GSM, Ethernet, IP, etc.

Embedded System Hardware

Contract development: processor modules, embedded solutions, hardware and software platforms, integration into the serial products of our customers.

Oil, Gas industry

Software development and technical support of measuring and control devices for gas distribution stations.

Industrial Automation Systems

A wide range of tasks and solutions for enterprises specializing in the automation of production.

Special Devices

Special organizations and forces devices and systems development - digital optics, wearable and handheld devices, tracing, detecting, collecting data, video and data processing systems and others.

Single Board Computers

Customized processor modules and embedded solutions from AXONIM Devices.

AXONIM-Baltic engineers, develop and implement solutions: image and video processing, digital optical devices, UAV, UAS and drones, industrial automation, telecommunications, consumer electronics and Internet of things (IoT), oil and gas industry, medical devices and equipment.

Our solutions have been successfully applied in Germany manufacturing plants and other EU countries, on Low Earth orbit satellites, mining equipment managing complexes in quarries in the Far North, in optical devices around the world, gas distribution stations in Belarus, stock exchange, airports, electric power substations in Europe etc.

Stages of the electronics, embedded systems and electronic devices development:

  • development project estimation stage;
  • development project preparation stage;
  • development project operation stage: hadware platform design, embedded software desing, custom software design;
  • electronics rapid prototyping;
  • development project final stage;
  • preparation of batch production.