AXONIM Devices engineers develop and implement solutions in the following subject areas and industries: image and video processing, digital optical devices, UAV, UAS and drones, industrial automation, telecommunications, consumer electronics and Internet of things (IoT), oil and gas industry, medical devices and equipment.

Our solutions have been successfully implemented and applied at manufacturing plants in Germany and other EU countries, on low-Earth orbit satellites, in hardware and software complexes for managing mining equipment in quarries in the far north, for users in optical devices around the world, for gas distribution stations in Belarus, stock exchange, airports, electric power substations in Europe and so on.

List of services and typical tasks:

+ embedded systems development,
+ electrical circuits design and simulation,
+ modeling and analysis of circuit design solutions, design and trace of printed circuit boards,
+ JTAG testing, embedded and application software development,
+ FPGA-design (development with FPGA),
+ design and construction of the device case, 3D printing,
+ prototyping and prototypes production,
+ development of testing techniques for hardware-software systems and devices,
+ ready-to-manifacture,
+ development and production of functional and in-circuit tests stands.

Stages of electronics, embedded systems and electronic devices development:

+ Project evaluation, research and development of technical specifications
+ Project planning, coordination of works and communications between the customer and developer teams, project risk management
+ Architecture development
+ Algorithms development
+ Hardware platform development 
+ Software development
+ Device case design, 3D modeling
+ Prototyping, preparation for production

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