Alexander E., Software engineer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Alexander E., software engineer. Languages that he works with: Assembler; C / C ++; Java; VHDL; BASH. Some of the tasks that Alexander has performed:

  • software design and development for automation of technological processes (energy);
  • software design and development for protected digital communication networks;
  • cryptographic algorithms programming;
  • digital signal processing algorithms programming (information, video and audio signals);
  • device drivers programming for operating systems: Linux, QNX, Window, DOS;
  • software development for microprocessors and digital signal processors (different architectures);
  • FPGA design, programming;
  • hardware digital parts development.

Alexander participated and implemented projects such as:
MELP vocoder at the rate of 2400 bits / sec development for secure digital communication system (standard on NATO - STANAG-4591).
Software and technical means development for digital communication networks.
Software development for secure radio modem system of digital trunked radio ARSO-25.
Software for hot backup systems of industrial controllers at the thermal power plant.
Development and analysis of the devices generating TV and audio signals.
Archive, operating and engineering stations software for monitoring and control of turbine unit at the thermal power system.
Controllers’ software for turbine control system at the thermal power plant.
Network software for industrial controllers, top-level network and network gateway for the thermal power plant.
Controllers’ software development for Remicont Series.
Automatic control system for the troops - design and development of information-management procedures.
Automation of experiments at nuclear power plants - software systems design and development for automation of experiments at nuclear power stations.
Moreover, he is a very nice person and a family man!

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