Siarhei V., Firmware developer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Siarhei V., firmware developer, software engineer.

  • Areas of expertise: BSP development under eCos. RTOS, SW engineering for Linux and Linux in embedded systems, Kernel development, middleware, graphic applications, SQL, XML, FreeDos, SeaBios developing.
  • Hardware and Operating Systems: eCos, Linux Embedded (ARM Linux), Linux, Windows, FreeDOS, SeaBIOS, MS-DOS, ARM-926, ARM Cortex A8, ARM Cortex A5, ARM-PXA, BF609, Atom 3800.
  • Languages / Packages / Tools / Methodologies: C/C++, SQL, QT/QT-embedded, SQLLite , KDevelop, Eclipse, XML, cUrl, XERSES-c(SAX)Clipper, DB2, MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, Delphi 2.0 – 6.0, GNU CVS, GNU Make, MYSQL/PostgreSQL/MSSql.
  • Networks /Protocols / Interfaces: Extensive: Ethernet, USB, SCSI, RS-232/485, TCP/IP, UDP, ModBus, Moderate: GSM/GPRS, I2C.Siarhei participated as developer in the following projects:

Siarhei participated as developer in the following projects:
PLC under eCos; BSP Backfin BF-609 under eCos; Projects with Nand flash products support; ReportManager; DownloadManager;
VME (Virtualization Management Extension, FUJITSU-SIEMENS).
ServerView Virtualization Management, extension is intended to complete the ServerView functions to provide integrated system management of both physical and virtual machines from a single console and to achieve competitive strength of System Management in mixed physical and virtualized environments.
Development of Linux target mode SCSI driver for LVD SCSI interface with target HBA.
Development of tools for demonstration of hardware capabilities (serial interfaces, I/O expanders, display, touch controller and others, DLM1470 test software).
Automated Water Monitoring System, Water monitoring system includes: 75 DLM 1470 water monitoring stations (Technidata AG, Germany) – measuring pressure parameters system. All data is sending by GSM to central station.
Universal Envilog software for multi probes system (added radiation monitoring), Graphic User Interface (QSCADA), Measurement Daemon, Scadaserver Daemon.

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