The range of analog multi-core microcontrollers xCORE-Analog ™ from the company XMOS Ltd, with 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 cores and optimized for industrial equipment developers. With integrated analog-digital converter, power management circuitry and the timers group, xCORE-Analog series devices are used for industrial products, including smart interfaces, high-threshold sensors and actuators, PLC communication devices and motor controllers.

A-Series solution includes additional functionality Fieldbus industrial tires opportunities for boards IO sliceKIT modular development system. A-Series range is complemented by software xSOFTip peripheral resources: network transmission in real-time mode, USB interface and functions "man-machine» (HMI). A-Series provides predictability in time, very low latency and a high level of responsiveness multicore controllers Xcore, which ensures developers to use various systems that need to interface with analog signals.

Along with the existing rulers xCORE-GeneralPurpose (L-Series) and xCORE-USB (U-Series), Series A-Series is configured and programmed using xTIME composer Studio ™ development tools, enabling developers to quickly interact with hundreds of different adapter types of sensors to collect data.

Instrument series xCORE A-Series is an eight-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter with the processing of 1 million operations per second, Power-on Reset, protection against undervoltage and watchdog timer, built-in oscillator, storing data in memory in sleep mode and an integrated DC / DC converter. These features provide a reduction in the number of external components, allowing the use of conventional double-sided printed circuit board. Thanks to the power management function device is in sleep mode consumes less than 100 microamps.

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