Texas Instruments MSP430G2xx

Low-cost and low-power characteristics single out microcontrollers of MSP430G2xx Value Line series. These advantages in combination with relatively high rate of productivity and 16-bit architecture make it possible to apply these microcontrollers in smart sensors and executive units. MSP430G2xx family boasts a wide choice of models (over 150). Their code compatibility is worth mentioning. It allows relocating applications and adjusting to scale functions of devices, developed for the same architecture.

Basic set of peripheral devices includes:

  • 16-bit timer/counters;
  • 10-bit 8-channel ATS;
  • module of a universal serial communication interface (can be used as UART, SPI or I2C).

Available debugging kit MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad and advanced development tools (including free – mspgcc) in combination with ready-made sets of training assignments from Texas Instruments allow prompt development of built-in software. Microcontrollers of MSP430 G2xx3 series were first introduced in 2011. They feature a wider Flash-memory capacity (up to 16 Kbyte), availability of the built-in comparator circuit and capacitive sensor interface. AXONIM Devices specialists have developed a humidity detector within the framework of a custom-made project. Processor MSP430G2553 has been applied in this detector.

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