Texas Insruments KeyStone II

Multi-core processors KeyStone ARM and ARM + DSP include a wide range of low cost devices with high performance and low power consumption. KeyStone platform from TI provides the processing of data with a total frequency of ARM cores up to 5.6 GHz and the total frequency of the nuclei DSP - 9,6 GHz with lower power consumption compared to multi-chip solutions. This platform is optimal for embedded systems, such as cloud computing systems, multimedia processors, high-performance computing, transcoding, security, gaming devices, analysis tools, and virtual desktops.

New architecture KeyStone II ot TI provides individual solutions for the quad-core ARM® Cortex ™ -A15, along with high-performance integrated systems of ARM Cortex-A15 and DSPTMS320C66x for solutions with integrated infrastructure. Systems based on ARM KeyStone: High-speed transmission and data acquisition, machine vision - image capture device, and military aviation image processing device, MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, server, Ultra sound systems, video analytics server.

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