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Concerto F28M35x microcontroller unite - is the most productive in its class TIC28x core and control peripherals with the core ARM® Cortex ™ -M3 and communication peripherals, thus forming a completely separate architecture that supports management in real-time and advanced communication capabilities in one cost-effective device.

For ease of use, Concerto MCUs are supported by an intuitive software architecture and applications and communication libraries as part of the software control SUITE ™. The series includes a variety of functions of protection and security, and also has compatibility with all the code C2000 ™ platform that provides the scalability code reuse.

Application areas: ecological problems, including intelligent motor control, renewable energy, smart grid, digital power management and electric vehicles. Concerto MCUs have two cores and two subsystems. One - management subsystem - similar to other C2000 MCUs and provides optimal performance. Other subsystems - host - uses ARM Cortex-M3 core and provides new features, including an integrated Ethernet MAC, USB OTG, dual CAN and more. Since each of the subsystems working independently of the other, Concerto MCUs enable embedded developers to separate the function of the host management, while reducing the complexity and cost of the product.

Benefits and features:

Control subsystem in real time, based on the TI C28x core with a math coprocessor the Viterbi, supports floating point operations, provides 13-fold performance advantage over existing ICC and also includes industry best peripherals needed to build a reliable and energy-efficient solutions. Robust host communication subsystem based on the Cortex-M3 and peripheral communication devices, such as Ethernet, USB On-The-Go, dual CANi various serial and parallel ports. Performance can be adjusted for different areas of application thanks to different sets of clock frequencies and C28x cores Cortex-M3: 150/75 MHz, 100/100 MHz, 75/75 MHz MGtsili 60/60 respectively.

Safety and security features include up to 1 MB of flash memory 132 KB RAM with error correction, parity on CAN and interrupt registers, resiliency functions and lock protection. Free library of ready-made solutions and communications, including Ethernet and USB (libraries for digital power, lighting, renewable power will be available in Q3 2011). Accelerate the development process with an easy development environment that supports the independent programming of each subsystem. In terms of the production of specialized devices for specific tasks smart grid, such as smart electricity meters and concentrators.

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