LPC43xx Series dual-core microcontroller with ARM® Cortex-M4F and ARM® Cortex-M0 can be used in medical equipment, controllers for motor control, in the measuring instruments, cash equipment, home audio systems and security equipment. Price is close to the previous family, having a core ARM® Cortex-M3. ARM® Cortex-M4 core was announced in 2010 and in 2011 came out a family of STM32F4xx STMicro. A year later, the company released the series of STMicro STM32F3xx.

This family belongs to the so-called digital signal controllers, and combines the advantages of classical microcontrollers with advanced set of peripherals and computing power of the specialized processors that allow floating-point calculations in hardware. Important feature is the fact that the series STM32F3 pin compatible with controllers of series STM32F1, STM32F2 and STM32F4. Thus, the developer is able, on the one hand to increase computational performance of the system without redesign a circuit board, and on other hand - cheaper devices made on the basis STM32F4 series microcontrollers.

As for the core ARM® Cortex-M4, it is not much different from its predecessor - Cortex-M3. Comparing to the M3, M4 it has new instructions, slightly modified instruction pipeline, and raise the bar of the working core frequency. But one distinctive feature, which gives a significant advantage in comparison with the core Cortex-M3 - is the presence of a series of Cortex-M4F separate module that supports floating point (FPU). Thanks to this module, microprocessor is able to solve simple problems of digital signal processing.

STM32F4 Microprocessors have the following peripherals: LCD interface (mode 8080/6800), RTC (4KB RAM memory powered by the power Vbat), ADC, DAC, GPIO (general purpose inputs and outputs with interrupt support), Timer, I2C, USART, SPI, CAN 2.0B, SDIO / MMC, USB 2.0 OTG, 10/100 Mbit / c EMAC with support for IEEE 1588 version 2, hardware crypto-module (support for AES-128/192/256, DES, HASH (MD5, SHA-1), HMAC), hardware random number generation module, hardware module for calculating the CRC (32-bit), debugging board LPC4357-EVB.

LPC4300 block diagram

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