Intel Atom E6xx (Tunnel Creek)

Intel® Atom ™ processor of E6xx series and Intel® EG20T unit Platform Controller. Formerly Queens Bay (Tunnel Creek + Topcliff). Processors AtomE6xx are used PCIExpress open standard for interaction with the processor chipset, which provides additional IO flexibility. The data processor has integrated three-dimensional graphics features and video encoding and decoding, and display controllers and memory in a single package to reduce material costs and save space on the PCB.

Flexible input-output system: PCIe interface provides compatibility with various blocks of input-output controllers, integrated circuits for specific applications (ASIC) and discrete devices. The integrated graphics core provides hardware acceleration for decoding and encoding video.Intel® Hyper-Threading (Intel® HT) improves performance and provides support for Intel® Virtualization (Intel® VT) multithreaded applications. Technology increases system flexibility and efficiency of use by supporting multiple environments on the same hardware platform.

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