Intel Atom E3800 (Bay Trail-I)

Intel® Atom ™ processor family and processor E3800 Intel® Celeron® N2807 / N2930 / J1900. Former title - BayTrail. Intel® Atom ™ processor family E3800 is the first single-chip system (SoC), designed for intelligent systems and provides an incredibly high performance computing, graphics and multimedia. The system can operate in an extended temperature range of conditions. These single-chip systems are based on Silvermont microarchitecture, using 22-nanometer manufacturing technology with three-dimensional transistors Tri-Gate, which provides a significant improvement in performance computing and energy efficiency.

The advantages of this product family are great opportunities to connect the input-output devices, integrated memory controller, virtualization, error correction code (ECC) and built-in security features in the range of power dissipation from 5 watts to 10 watts. The Intel product roadmaps for embedded systems include three single-chip system with the Intel® Celeron® processor, created on the basis of the same micro architecture. They do not provide support for industrial temperature range or an error correction code, but they offer a number of similar features and benefits from the same performance per watt, making them ideal for devices such as thin clients, transactional customers for the retail and digital signage.

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