Freescale Kinetis

Processors Kinetisis a family of low-consuming 32-bit microcontrollers based on processor cores ARM Cortex-M0 / M4 / M7, without MMU, with the core frequency up to 240 MHz. The absence of MMU means that Kinetis not intended for operating systems like Windows, QNX, Android, iOS.

These microcontrollers are designed to perform a hard real-time systems the code as part of a variety of embedded devices, from heart implants to control electric controllers. Although there are Linux build to run on Kinetis.

The newest line of high-performance Freescale's processor with ARM Cortex-M4 Kinetis architecture: memory RAM 128K, memory 512K FLASH, serviced UART interface, SPI, USBOTG, I2C, CAN, ETHERNET, 100MGts maximum frequency, supply voltage of 1.71 - 3 6B, LQFP100 body.

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