Adapteva Epiphany

The chip provides smartphone or tablet with full server performance. Epiphany IV processor has 64 cores, which allows it to develop the performance of 70 gigaflops while consuming only one watt of power. Using this processor will enable a smartphone equipped with such features is not available as facial recognition or gestures. Epiphany IV chip is not designed for full service operating system, it acts as a coprocessor offloads the CPU when performing specialized tasks. Faster data exchange is realized through the grid design of the chip.

Parallel core therein arranged in squares, where there are multiple points of access to the transmission and reception of data. To obtain the desired performance of the core can be easily added, and problems with the bandwidth is minimized by the presence of a set of points for communication. Initially, development was designed for supercomputers, but in the end the company decided to develop market Adapteva mobile devices. An attractive chip make it small, despite having 64 cores, size. Epiphany IV can be, for example, part of the so-called system-on-chip. This system incorporates a central processor and auxiliary devices, including video accelerators.

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