Embedded system development

Electronic embedded systems development, electronic devices design, algorithms and software are the main areas of activity of the AXONIM.

The development process starts with an assessment of the customer's technical requirements of the project that is done by our expert group, if required they perform research and write technical specification, then project team prepares working project plan.

The immediate development of a technical system - device, embedded electronic system, or electronic module consists of the design of the hardware platform, software development, device body design, further prototyping - manufacturing of prototypes and the subsequent technical support throughout the life cycle of the device.

Our competences include, but are not limited with the following types of engineering tasks: algorithms for digital signal processing (filtering, processing of audio and video streams, encoding / decoding, compression / decompression), data collection systems, electronic optical devices, porting BSP embedded OS (Windows Embedded, Linux, Android, eCos, freeRTOS) and others. The result of our service is a full-featured prototype device and a set of design documentation, which allows starting production of the final product.

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