Windows Embedded

Development for Windows Embedded® platform

  • Development using Windows® Embedded CE/Compact/Standart/POSReady OS;
  • Development of future BSP structure;
  • BSP development/modification (Hardware Support Package) for ARM®, x86 platform;
  • Bootstrap development/modification for Windows Embedded OS support;
  • Development/modification of EBOOT loader for ARM®, x86 platform;
  • Development/modification of OAL code loader (start code, interrupt control code, power control code, etc.);
  • Incorporation into OAL code for multicore platforms support (SMP);
  • Development/modification of core and user level drivers for various periphery (i.e. Ethernet driver with KITL support, CAN driver, etc.);
  • OS code modification (upon additional license agreement) (i.e. adaptation of MSIM keyboard input, etc.);
  • Development of additional services for OS (i.e. for WiFi);
  • Code profiling and BPS operation optimization (code improvement, set-up of driver loading sequence and its priority);
  • Development of specialized libraries for BSP testing using CETK;
  • Development of BSP documents for its further use by the Client;
  • Development/modification of image and core image;
  • Assembly based on the Client’s requests (minimal dimensions, license requirements, etc.);
  • Incorporation or removal of any image component with further image assembly for debugging and launch at final device;
  • Ready OS image stress testing at final device or simulator;
  • SDK preparation for further application development for this OS image;
  • Assistance in image licensing;
  • Development of user applications;
  • Development/modification of user applications based on Windows® Embedded CE/Compact/Standart/POSReady OS technologies;
  • Application testing using Windows® Embedded CE/Compact/Standart/POSReady OS at target platform;
  • Development/modification of user interfaces;
  • User interface design considering OS applied technologies;
  • User interface development using Adobe® Flash® technology;
  • User interface development using Silverlight® technology.
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