Embedded Linux / Android

Development for Embedded Linux/uCLinux/Android platform

  • Development of the future BSP structure
  • Development / modification of BSP (Hardware support package) for ARM®, x86, BlackFin® platforms
  • Development / modification of the primary loader (Bootstrap)
  • Development / modification of u-boot loader for ARM®, x86, BlackFin® platforms
  • Development / modification of HAL code loader(start code, interrupt management code, code for power control and many more)
  • Addition to HAL code for support of multi core platforms (SMP)
  • Development / modification of core-level and user-level drivers for various peripherals
  • Operating system code modification
  • Development of additional services for the operating system
  • Code profiling and BSP operation optimization (code enhancement, setting of drivers loading sequence and their priority)
  • Development of BSP documentation for further use by the owner
  • Creation/modification of the image and core design
  • Assembly in compliance with the owner’s requirements (minimum size, license requirements etc.)
  • Adding and removal of components from the image with further assembly of the image for debugging and startup at a terminal device
  • Stress testing of the ready operating system image at the terminal device
  • Preparation of SDK (Software development kit) for further development of applications for a specific OS image
  • Development/modification of user applications
  • Development or modification of applications based on technologies used in Embedded Linux/uCLinux/Android OS
  • Development JNI wrapper (for accessing to drivers from Android)
  • Testing of applications at the target platform
  • Development/modification of user interfaces
  • User interface design in compliance with the used applied in the OS
  • User interface development using QT technology
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