Development for eCOS®

  • Development and porting of RedBoot to the target platform;
  • Configuring eCOS and RedBoot;
  • Implementation of the device backup storage with the option of automated restoration;
  • Implementation of parameters exchange between RedBoot and eCOS application;
  • Development and modification of a script for loading eCOS application from RedBoot;
  • Porting to the target platform;
  • Development and/or modification of HAL for the target platform, including the platform not supported by the main repository;
  • Development of communications chip drivers (Ethernet, WiFi, BlueTooth, RS232/RS485/RS422);
  • Development of SPI, I2C, CAN, USB, LCD, VGA, TV-OUT, ADC, DAC drivers.
  • Development of serial and parallel drivers EEPROM/FLASH (NAND, NOR) with support in FIS;
  • Support of SD/MMC, USB-FLASH.
  • Porting of communications stacks (lwIP, BSD, ModBus, ProfiNet);
  • Development of user software;
  • Development of test software;
  • Development of a user interface;
  • Debugging and testing at the target platform;
  • Paperwork and transfer of the repository, development and debugging tools for OS of Windows and/or Linux family to the customer.
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