PCB expertise

By examining the designs of printed circuit boards, you can set up to 100% of the hidden problems of the project even at the stage of trace circuit boards.

Examination of printed circuit boards includes:

  • Manufacturability Analysis of printed circuit boards (DFM, DFA)
  • Integrity Analysis (SI)
  • Power Integrity Analysis (PI)
  • EMC analysis (EMS)
  • Thermal Analysis (TA)
  • Analysis of time parameters of interfaces (DDR timing analysis)
  • Analysis of read / write cycles of DDR interfaces taking into account the timing model of the controller

The expertise of the PCB also includes preparation for testing printed circuit boards (DFT). Our team develops testing procedures, software for testing, stands, checks the processability of testing procedures.

And we also provide: 

  • In-house prototype builds (up to 100 units)
  • Transfer to contract manufacturing (over 100 units)
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