FPGA/CPLD design

Digital systems' development using FPGA/CPLD (Xilinx and Altera)

FPGA / CPLD design including custom logic, DSP implementation, digital control and compensation systems, safety circuits and interlocks, process integration to custom systems.

  • Hardware description languages: Verilog, VHDL;
  • NIOS II, Microblaze processor cores combined with CAN, USB, Ethernet, PCI-e, DDR3 and other modules;
  • IP cores development - video controllers, DSP, co-processors;
  • Project transfer to up-to-date elemental base;
  • Algorithm integration into FPGA;
  • Implementation of interface and service functions in FPGA;
  • Development of testing and verification systems (HDL, C++);
  • Debugging and verification;
  • Code coverage estimation during testing procedure.


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