3D printing services

3D printing services:
We are providing services of prototype creation using 3D printing.
3D- printing allows building housing parts and other components quickly, avoiding development of the molds and processing on milling and turning machines. 3D printing is a flexible tool and allows making design changes on any stage of the prototype development project.

3D technology is a layer-creating process of the physical model basing on digital 3D sketch. With the help of 3D it has become possible to create geometric objects of any complexity is ten times cheaper and faster than those using traditional methods.

Equipment: Printer FormLabs Form 2
3D printer works on the basis of SLA technology (laser stereolithography). SLA technology allows printing very small products (1 cm) with high precision such as complex engineering devices, small components, etc. Consumables: photopolymer resin.


  •     The material used for 3D printing: photopolymer resin
  •     Print area: 145 x 145 x 175 mm;
  •     Thickness of the lay: 25 to 200 microns (0.02 - 0.2 mm);
  •     Laser Type: EN 60825-1:2007 certified Class 1 Laser Product 405nm violet laser 250mW laser
  •     Positioning accuracy:  XY — 0,14 mm
  •     Number of print heads: 1 (SLA technology, the laser head is used);
  •     Supporting formats: STL, FORM;
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