Development: Project Estimation Stage

Project estimation, technical research, technical and commercial offer.

Development: Project Preparation Stage

Development project preparation stage - technical specification, delivery-acceptance procedure, scope of works, calendar plan, budget.

Development: Project Operational Stage

New product, digital devices, embedded solutions and electronics development project operational stage.

Hardware Platform Design

Hardware platform and solutions development engineering services.

Embedded Software Development

Embedded software development outsourced engineering services. One-stop embedded software design.

Custom Software Development

Custom software one-stop development services.

Electronics Rapid Prototyping

Electronics rapid prototyping, prototypes testing, prototypes manufacturing.

Development: Project Final Stage

Electronics design project final stage - design and software documentation, test and functional software, prototypes, test protocols, delivery-acceptance certificate.

Preparation of Batch Production

Preparation of batch production engineering services. Ready-to-manufacture electronics, wearable devices, medical equipment, optical devices.

Contract development of digital devices, electronics and embedded solutions includes a number of basic stages. Preliminary assessment of the Customer's requirements to the future technical system as a step allows to work out the technical requirements provided by the Customer, to test the feasibility of implementing such a solution, to prepare a preliminary version of the architecture of the technical system being developed, to verify the feasibility of requirements and characteristics, to consider the testing and verification tools of the planned technical solution, project development and the cost of these works.
The preparation stage includes the elaboration of the technical task with specification of the hardware solution architecture and the software of the projected solution, specification of the characteristics, testing and measuring facilities and procedures, the composition of the project team and the work schedule, the cost of works and prototyping, the order of acceptance of the development results and the contract for development of a technical system.
The operational stage - development itself - consists of the hardware development: schematic design, printed circuit boards design and modeling, components search and verification, prototype production; and software development: embedded software design, SW modules with (and without) the operating system, porting to the device, device drivers, design for FPGA, various algorithms for data collecting, signals and data processing, software modules testing; high-level software modules development - user interface and mobile application with various functions.
At the final stage, the development team checks prototypes on the compliance with the technical specifications of the requirements, inputs changes and additions to the design and programming documentation. Then we run ready-to-manufacture works supporing our customers to launch their products and devices in production, whether it is the production site of the customer himself, or outsourced manufacturer.