Processor module AX-SoM-CL335x

SoM-CL335x– is a high-performance, highly integrated, compact and low consumption microprocessor module.

This module is the ideal solution for portable devices that combine high performance, a wide range of wireless interfaces and low power consumption.

Constructive analog of CompuLab EM-X270 module

 Processor module AX-SoM-CL335x

 Module features:


 Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x, ARM® Cortex-A8

 RAM  4 Gb DDR3

 LCD 24-bit interface
 2 x USB 2.0 High Speed OTG (480 Mb/sec)
 SD Card
 1 x UART
 2 x RTC
 GPS module MAX-M8Q-0 of U-blox
 GSM/GPRS module SIM800H of SIMcom
 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth module WL1835MOD of Texas Instruments
 Audiocontroller TLV320AIC3007 of Texas Instruments
 Expansion slots with interfaces: external memory, USB, SPI, UART, I2C. 

 On / off button, reset button

 Embedded LCD LED control driver

 operating systems
 Microsoft® Windows Embedded Compact 7,
 Microsoft® Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (vNext),
 Embedded Linux,
 Android 4.0,
 eCos 3.0
 Power supply  Li+ batteries can be used and charged
 Nominal power tension +3.8 V
 Size  97 mm х 66 mm

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