Windows Embedded for module

Image loading from SD card

1. Insert the microSD card into the card reader on the host machine.

2. Start «Command Prompt» with Administrator rights (right-click on the "Start → All Programs → Accessories → Command Prompt," click "Run as administrator")

3. Format utility setup_sd.bat microSD card using 16k allocation units (example - microSD drive - M :)

	setup_sd.bat M:

Utility setup_sd.bat

4. Copy files from the archive ( to the microSD card in the following order:

  1. MLO
  2. ebootsd.nb0
  3. NK.bin

5. Connect the USB cable into the connector XUSBFT1, insert the microSD card and apply power. Run a terminal program (TerraTerm, PUTTY, ...) and configured to work with the appropriate computer serial port.

The serial port settings:

Speed (bps) 115200
Data Bit 8
Parity none
Stop bit 1

6. During load press "Space."

If in course of some reason you miss the request, pressing "Space" keys - you can reset the system with SB5 button.

Communication with SPI Flash

In Windows Embedded Compact 7 console must be met:

	testspi read 0 0 0 4

Where "0 0 0" address offset on SPI Flash, 4 - number of bytes to read.

It is also possible to work with SPI Flash through the additional program «SPI Flash utility». It appeared in Windows Embedded Compact 7 assembly since version 4.3.00.

WEC7 start menu

SPI Flash utility

If you click «Write flash from file» will need to select a file (size not less than the size of the SPI Flash), which will be recorded in the SPI Flash (SPI Flash is pre-cleaned).

The firmware loader in NAND Flash

Utility «WEC Image Update» can be found in "Start" menu, starting with version 3.4.00 build.

 WEC7 NAND update utility

WEC7 image update utility

Utility «WEC Image Update» can be found in "Start" menu, starting with version 3.4.00 build.

For the firmware loader in Nandi flash file «AM33X-nand.raw» from the archive ( be put on the microSD card. Then press the button «Update bootloader» and select the file «AM33X-nand.raw». Upload NAND Flash and then download the correct mode setting - automatically starts the loader from NAND.

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