Source code (bootloader, Linux, file systems)

Source code (bootloader, Linux, file systems)

Source code loader, Linux kernel, file system of the MTAX-AM335x modules are based on the SDK from Texas Instruments and are designed to work with Linux. To minimize file transfers and comparison convenience with the original source code they are provided as PATSH files (depending on the version of the SDK, and debug module board).

Download complete source tree TI SDK version (1.2GB):

From the Texas Instruments website:
or from:

Patches for different versions and debug board (they have expansion .patch):

Old releases (for older SDK) : TI/MTAX/soft/

versions of the modules and debug boardspatchbuild dataNotes

Module: v4, MB: v2, RAM: 512 MB Dec 6 12:41

Added support for new SPI flash chips in the loader

Module: v4, MB: v2, RAM: 256 MB Dec 6 12:41

To correct the memory size in the correct file Rules.make:


Module: v1, v2, MB: v1, RAM: 256 MB Nov 11 15:48  

To apply the patch file, you must copy it to the directory of the installed SDK (eg /home/user/ti-sdk-am335x-evm- and run (for example for patch ti-sdk-am335x-evm- 425.patch):

patch -p1 < ti-sdk-am335x-evm-

After patch applying the source code is ready for further work, and you can proceed to configure and assemble the bootloader u-Boot, Linux kernel (uImage) with drivers and build a root filesystem.

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