RSE Setting (Remote System Explorer)

To enable and configure the means for remote access to the platform (RSE) the steps described beloware required:

1.      Enable RSE by selecting on the main menu Code Composer Studio the following sequence of points WindowsPreferences, and in the dialog window Preferences - item General → Capabilities, Capabilities window installation marks RSE by Project and then clicking on the buttons Apply and OK.

Подключение RSE

2.      Start the RSE perspective by selecting a sequence of the main menu points Window → Open Perspective → Other ... and in the dialog window Open Perspective - choice of Remote System Explorer item and confirming by the OK button.

Открытие представления RSE

In the result of the successful implementation of this paragraph the session window Remote Systems will appear.

Окно в режиме отображения RSE

3      Set ETHERNETsettings-connect to the target platform AM335x:choose the following sequence of the main menu points FileNew Other ... and in theappeared dialog window New - select the Remote System ExplorerConnectionNext:

Стартовое окно установки сетевого соединения CCS с модулем

  • Choose Linux as the remote system in the window Select Remote System Type:

Окно выбора типа удалённой системы

  • In window Remote Linux System Connection - set the IP-address of the module MTAX-SOM-AM335x,
  • as the connection name introduced into the field "Connection Name" of the window "Remote Linux System Connection", can be any valid CCS name that will be displayed in the RSE (eg MTAX-SOM-AM335x),
  • Field "Description" may also have an arbitrary value (eg Target Board).

Окно настройки сетевого соединения

4.      In the transition to the next windows to create a new connection follow sequence of actions:

  • ✔ ssh.files → Next

Выбор сервиса передачи файлов

  • → Next

Выбор сервиса для доступа к процессам

  • ✔ ssh.shells → SSH-connection set properties → Next

Окно выбора SSH

  • ssh.terminals → Finish.

Окно настройки SSH терминала

As a result of successful actions network connection interface with the module MTAX-SOM-AM335x in the tab "Remote Systems" is created.
 Результирующее RSE-окно с SSH-настройками

5.      Set the root user name for the ssh session:

  • Click on the right mouse button on the name MTAX-SOM-AM335x connection tab "Remote Systems",
  • Select the menu item Properties
  • In the appeared settings window choose from the list of Host,
  • Change the name in the "Default User ID": root, confirming your selection with the OK button.

Изменение имени пользователя

Transferring files through the RSE and run of the executable programs

After setting RSE integrated environment CCSv5 can be used to transfer and delete files, run and debug applications, view running services and applications. To implement the above-said actions you need to connect to the remote system:

1. To start the connection press the right mouse button on the connection name "MTAX-SOM-AM335x", select menu itemConnect. During the connectionpassword input window appears:
Окно ввода пароля для SSH соединения

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