Processor module description

Processor module AX-SoM-BF60x

protsessornyy modul' AX-SoM-BF60x

The processor module AX-SoM-BF60x is based on the modern processor Analog Devices Blackfin BF606 / BF607 / BF608 / BF609.

Processor Blackfin ADSP-BF609 is optimized for use in embedded vision and video analysis systems. It is a dual-core digital signal processor with a fixed point and a unique pipelined video co-processor (PVP, pipelined vision processor). PVP - a set of functional units, which is located in close proximity to the processor cores Blackfin designed to accelerate image processing algorithms and to reduce the overall bandwidth requirements.

ADSP-BF609 processor is ideal for many embedded applications of image analysis, such as advanced automotive driver assistance systems (ADAS), vision systems and robotics for industrial production, image analysis in security systems and surveillance systems, as well as bar-code scanners.

The board uses DDR2 memory for maximum performance.

The module is available for order in the commercial and industrial (-40 to + 85 ° C) temperature ranges.

Information about the module:




otladchik ICE-100B

Attaching ICE-100B debugger to the processor module AX-SoM-BF60x:

J1 (ICE-100B)X1 (AX-SoM-BF60x)Description
1 9 GND
5 8 (through 10кОм) The reference voltage is 3.3V
2 6 EMU
6 2 TMS
8 4 TCK
10 1 ~TRST
12 3 TDI
14 5 TDO

Jumper JP2 is provided on the debugger, which switches the debug mode:


Work with GNU BFIN toolchain and debugger BFIN GDB

Removed Work with CrossCore® Embedded Studio (Windows)

Debug console

OS image record in the SPI Flash

1. Connect UART (TTL levels to 3.3V) to the module AX-SoM-BF60x according to the table:

X1 (AX-SoM-BF60x)Description

2.   Download and unpack the archive:


3.   It is necessary to edit COM2_UART_BF609_Upload.bat file to change the number of COM-port:

	bfin-linux-uclibc-ldr -T BF609 -l u-boot-bf609-ezkit-uart-2012R1-RC4.ldr COM2

4.   It is necessary to close the connector pins5 and 21 of the X5 connector on the module AX-SoM-BF60x.

5.   It is necessary to supply power + 3.3V on the AX-SoM-BF60x module according to the table below:

X1 (AX-SoM-BF60x)


8 +3.3V

6.   Start from Windows shell cmd.exe and cause the modified COM2_UART_BF609_Upload.bat:

And if you have selected the correct COM-port, BF60x in for UART boot mode (the condition of paragraph 4) and is powered, the following message appears:

After downloading run the bootloader U-boot.

7.    You must run TeraTerm:

8.     You must configure TeraTerm, for this select Setup Menu → Serial port:

9.       It is necessary in window TeraTerm to press Enter, U-boot invitation appears:

10.  To download images via the protocol XMODEM need to type the command «loady» and press Enter:

11.  In TeraTerm select file «u-boot-bf609-ezkit-spi-2012R1-RC4.ldr» for transmission. To do this, select the File menu → Transfer → YMODEM → Send ...:

Downloads hould start:

12. After loading this message will be displayed:

13. Next, you need to record the downloaded image in the SPI Flash. To do this, you must perform the following sequence of commands:

	sf probe 1
	sf erase 0 0x40000
	sf write $(loadaddr) 0 $(filesize)

14. Next, you need to remove the jumper from pins 5 and 21 of the X5 connector on the module AX-SoM-BF60x, remove power and giveit back after 1-2 seconds. U-boot should boot independently of the SPI Flash:

For uImage firmware image with file system execute the command:

	sf probe 1
	sf erase 0x40000 0x3c0000

Upload image via xmodem:


Select the file in teraterm or Minicom. After the file transfer tedious waiting at a rate of 155200 baud, execute:

	sf write $(loadaddr) 0x40000 $(filesize)

Set environment variables:

	setenv sfboot 'run ramargs; sf probe 1; sf read $(loadaddr) 0x40000 0xa00000; run addip; bootm'
setenv bootcmd 'run sfboot'

After the reboot, Linux should load automatically.

Documentation on docs.uClinux

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