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Processor module is a compact, complex electronic device consisting of multi layer circuit board with all necessary components placed on it necessary for system and software operating such as RAM and ROM, wireless communication protocols controllers (Wi-Fi, BlueTooth), interface and power controllers, etc.

Processor module is the integrated embedded complete solution for the development of wide range of devices by saving time and money.

We are pleased to introduce our microprocessor modules that meet the latest technical world requirements, able to solve any engineering problems and supporting operating systems: FreeRTOS, QNX, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows Embedded CE, Android, eCOS. Based on our modules you can develop any device with broad functionality and application area, such as control system, industrial automation, multimedia devices, medical devices, human-machine interfaces, security systems, industrial controllers, etc.

We equip processor modules with reliable tested components of well-known manufacturers: Altera, AMD, Aimtec, Analog Devices, Atmel, Mitsubishi, Molex, NEC, Numonyx, Hitachi, Honeywell, IDT, Infineon, Intel, SanDisk, Sharp, Intersil , ISSI, JAE, LG, Marvell, Microchip, NXP, NVidia, Panasonic, Parallax, Peak, Phoenix Contact, Ramtron, Realtek, Samsung, Siemens, SIMCom, Silabs, SMSC, Sony, STM, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Xilinx, etc.

Processor module AX-SoM-CL335x

Application: This module is the ideal solution for portable devices that combine high performance, a wide range of wireless interfaces and low power consumption.

Constructive analoggue module CompuLab EX-270

Platform: Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x, ARM® Cortex-A8 Description

Processor module MTAX-SoM-AM335x

Application:for construction of a variety of devices, such as: medical equipment, industrial controllers, multimedia devices, and other devices that require  a rich set of peripherals and high capacity.

Platform: Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x, ARM® Cortex-A8 Description

Processor module AX-SoM-BF60x

Application:for use in video/audio processing systems, systems with specialized digital signal processing algorithms.

Platform:  Analog Devices Blackfin BF60x ( 2 x  Blackfin® @ 500МГц + PVP ) Description

Processor module AX-SoM-XC7Z020

Application: for medical equipment, video equipment, industrial controllers (PLCs), multimedia devices and others, where a lot of peripheral modules is used and high performance requires..

Platform: Xilinx Zynq-7000 ( ARM® Cortex-A9 @ 800МГц + 85K Logic Cells Artix®-7 FPGA ) Description

Processor module AXSY-SoM-SAMA5D3

Application: for "smart home", cash registers, automation systems,human-machine interface devices, medical devices, etc.

Platform : Atmel SAMA5D3x ( ARM® Cortex-A5 @ 536МГц ) Description

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