Paul A., Software Engineer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Pavel A., firmware developer, software engineer. Languages that he works with: C, C++, HTML, XML, bash, JavaScript, Microsoft .NET, Python. Real time operating systems: Windows Embedded Compact 7, FreeRTOS, eCOS, µC/OS. Networking: TCP/IP, RTP, SNMP, EtherCAT.

Main tasks that Pavel is performing:

  • firmware development,
  • device drivers development,
  • embedded systems development.

Pavel participated as developer in the following projects:
Night vision attachment for optical sights. Firmware development for a series of night vision attachments for optical scopes.
Capturing video from OV7960 image sensor. Capturing sound from TLV320ADC3101 audio ADC. Displaying video on LCD. Streaming video and audio over RTP. Device control via specific TCP-based protocol. Device access over USB as a Mass Storage Device.
Digital microscope for verification line measures of length - laser interferometer control, detecting line coordinates by image.
eCos 3.0 porting for MTAX-MB-AM335x processor modules. Porting eCos to Texas Instruments Sitara AM3359 processor and to Analog Devices BF609 processor. BSP preparation. Peripheral drivers support.
Lenze C300/P300 BSP development. OS: Windows Embedded Compact 7. CPU: Sitara AM3874.
WEC7-based human-machine interface. WEC7 BSP preparation. Bootloader customization. Peripheral drivers integration.
Barcode-RFID scanner. OS: Windows Embedded Compact 7. CPU: Texas Instruments Sitara AM3359. RFID module integration, BSP support.
WiFi camera prototype (CC3200 + OV5640). CPU: Texas instruments СС3200. Capture images from OV5640 sensor, transfer images over TCP (WiFi).
Porting eCOS to prototypes of Profichip CPUs (ARM926, ARM Cortex-A5). Porting eCos 3.0 to custom industrial processor (ASIC and FPGA-based prototypes). Porting eCos 3.0 to ARM926 and ARM Cortex-A5 based processors. BSP preparation and support. Peripheral drivers development and integration: SD-Card, I2C, SPI, Ethernet. EtherCAT slave integration. Porting CoDeSys runtime environment.
Street lighting control system. FreeRTOS. CPU: ATmega1280. Description: street lighting and water pump control systems working under SCADA control. Pavel was responsible for the development of embedded software architecture development, Modbus RTU slave implementation, Modbus TCP slave implementation, framework for further projects (booster and sewer pump stations).
Actuating drive control for air dampers. Modbus RTU slave implementation. Migrating from eCos 2.0 to eCos 3.0 for AT91RM9200 processor. Porting eCos 3.0 to AT91SAM9X25.
Firmware development for GPS-GSM mobile transport terminal.
Firmware and schematic development for optical instruments.

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