Windows Compact 7 started on Atmel SAMA5D3


AXONIM Devices company announces the official release Windows Compact 7 BSP for Atmel SAMA5D3.

This release based on new core ARMv7 Cortex-A5 and supports all functional oppotunities of SoC and A5 core (FPU support included).

BSP included:

ARMv7 + FPU support Yes
512MB RAM DDR2 support Yes
NAND Flash support Yes
NOR Flash support Yes
SD/SDHC slots support Yes
1Gbit LAN (KSZ9021) support Yes
10/100Mbit LAN (KSZ8051RNL) support Yes
Audio CODEC support (WM8904) Yes
HDMI interface (SiI9022ACUN) support Yes
LCD (800x480) support Yes
1-Wire support Yes
CAN0/1 support Yes
Soft-modem support No
Analog Touchscreen support Yes
Q-Touch buttons suppor Yes
EBOOT loader Yes
AT91Bootstrap (for WEC7) Yes

Current BSP passed CETK tests and prepared for using with Ronetix and Embest SODIMM modules. Download OS image for ATSAMA5D34-EK and for ATSAMA5D36-EK you can here.

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