Our engineers are trained TRIZ and Value Engineering


TRIZ - theory of inventive problem solving, which was developed in 1946 by G.S. Altshuller. Implementation of TRIZ method helps to identify and solve technical contradiction, to accelerate new product development process, to improve quality and efficiency of the designed solutions and systems, to predict technical systems development. It is obvious why TRIZ has become popular not only in former USSR but around the world as well, this theory is used by global giants like General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Ford, LG, Samsung and others.

Our mentor Alexander Skuratovich, certified TRIZ master, one of developers of the Inventing Machine known now as IHS Goldfire, consultant and mentor in improving products, processes and services with the help of TRIZ and Value Analysis, Value Engineering methods, member of the International TRIZ Association. He has tutored engineering teams at such companies as LG, Samsung, LS Cable, POSCO and in a number of companies from the UK, Russia and Belarus. To be continued...

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