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The Batteries is a start-up in the area of Li-Ion thin-film rechargeable batteries. Conventional Li-Ion batteries could have only slight improvements and do not match the requirements of smartphones, wearables, IoT and other emerging applications. Nowadays battery - is the weak spot of portable electronic devices. Our partners The Batteries are offering new solution and are seeking for collaboration with digital devices producers and investors.

Thin-film batteries outperform Li-Ion due to objective reasons: can possess significantly higher energy density (1200 Wh/L), could be charged less than in 10 minutes, have extended lifetime (thousands of charging/discharging cycles) and they are nonexplosive.

thin-film batteries

The major obstacle for thin film batteries widespread adoption is the high cost of production. This currently limits the potential usage of these batteries to some small market niches: sensors, medical implants, smartcards, embedded on-chip batteries.

With our proprietary technology, we solve the problem of affordability of thin film batteries for large applications like batteries for smartphones, wearables, drones.

The Batteries will replace the conventional Li-ion batteries across $30B market due to objective reasons:

thin-film Li-ion batteries

The Batteries uses existing, proven thin film battery design and well-examined materials and by synergy of in-house R&D and re-engineered manufacturing process, achieves 99% cost reduction (total cost 0,8 $/Wh or cost of materials 0,23 $/Wh ) of production of thin-film solid-state batteries.

Increase of quality and throughput rate: deposition methods suitable for mass-production, re-engineered in-line equipment and manufacturing process.

Nowadays team is at Development and Testing Stage, which includes:

A. Designing and manufacturing of the equipment of Lab scale in order to test the manufacturing technology for producing a battery cell with desired characteristics;

B. Manufacturing of a fully functional prototype battery cell using new manufacturing equipment.

For business development and market testing our partners are interested in the following collaboration:

1. Development and testing batteries for specific applications.

2. Co-investing.

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