Digital solution design partnership for security forces and government agencies


AXONIM Devices is proud to announce the beginning of the strategic cooperation with SANAT Technology, which specializes in the development and production of solutions and systems for security forces and government agencies.

AXONIM and SANAT Technology are planning to unite their resources and competencies in a number of projects to develop digital devices, embedded solutions and information systems.

We offer our customers both ready-made turnkey solutions and embedded solutions - we prepare complete design documentation for the manufacture of the device and supply the required OEM components.

Development, prototyping and production of special devices, equipment, systems including, but not limited by solutions: system for monitoring persons on remand and persons under investigation; kiosk for screening biometric parameters, issuing and printing of documents - passport, driver's license; smart city systems; solutions for monitoring the road traffic; solutions for educational institutions; solutions for customs and border services.

More in the presentation.

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