New system on module based on Xilinx Zynq EPP


AXONIM Devices company developed new processor module based on new platform from Xilinx - Zynq-7000.

This module developed together with German partner of AXONIM Devices company, and now ready to pre-order.

New powerfull SoC Xilinx - Zynq-7000 with industrial temp range is main core of module. This SoC has 2 cores ARM® Cortex-A9, FPGA and various peripheral for solving most of important tasks for industrial automation (PLC, servo controllers and etc), for building home automation and a lot of other tasks.

processor module based on new platform from Xilinx - Zynq-7000               processor module based on new platform from Xilinx - Zynq-7000








Main features of this module:

  • Minimum copmonents for starting software in SoC: DDR3, NAND, QSPI and DC/DC;
  • All peripherial interfaces are accessible with connectors. This is good thing for creating any end-hardware.
  • Possible to change size of DDR3 RAM, NAND ROM and QSPI ROM without changing schematic and PCB;
  • Size - 65 х 50 mm.

Zynq module PCBEngineers of AXONIM Devices company build full packet of documentation for this module, BSP for Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Android software. Already starting mass-production.

Main idea of this module - to reduce costs of Bill of Material.

On picture present PCB of this module. On this PCB installed 4 BGA packages (CLG484 for XC7Z020, 2 x 96FBGA для DDR3 RAM - 2 х 16 bit and NAND ROM in 63-VFBGA package).

processor module Xilinx - Zynq-7000         





Xilinx Zynq-7000 XC7Z020
( 2 x  ARM® Cortex-A9 @ 800MHz + Artix®-7 FPGA )

RAM 128 / 256 MB DDR3

256 / 512 / 1024 / 2048 / 4096 MB NAND,


(PS): 2 x QSPI,
1 x NAND,
2 x GMAC (10/100/1000),
2 x USB 2.0 HighSpeed OTG (480 Mbps), without PHY
2 x CAN 2.0B
2 x SD / SDIO 2.0 / MMC 3.31
2 x SPI
2 x UART (до 1 Mbps)
2 x I2C
GPIO (input/outputs)

Supported ОС Microsoft® Windows Embedded Compact 7,
Embedded Linux 3.x,
Android 2.3
Size 56 х 50 mm
Power supply 3,3V (possible to power each bank separate)
















  Full datasheet you can find here.

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