Dear Sirs/Ladies,

We are seeking for investment projects to participate in as co-investor & electronics developer. Interesting business fields – complex and single board computers, digital signal processing algorithms, embedded electronics on RTOS, processor module devices, industrial automation, consumer electronics and distributing systems.

Criterias of our interest to the prospective investment projects:

Owner of the project – well performing company having strong position on the market.
Type of engineering tasks – new product development, existing product improvement.
Engineering fields – close to AXONIM Devices expertise and competencies.
Confirmed market demand – existing marketing communication and sales instruments and channels.
Short project execution time – from two months up to six months.
Precise project planning and execution – project management experience of the project owner confirmed with clear KPIs (ROI in R&D, NPV, terms and obligations compliance).

We are AXONIM Devices company specialized in design, development and prototyping of various range of embedded electronics and electronic devices.

Here is some of our executed projects.

Please feel free to get with us in touch to present, describe and share your projects and to start discussion regarding possible cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
AXONIM Devices team