Integrated Mobile Systems lab in Misnk, Belarus


On January 15 Educational Institution “Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics” (BSUIR) and Innovative Company AXONIM Devices have entered into agreement on establishment of the joint educational, scientific and production laboratory named “Integrated Mobile Systems” based on the Academic Department of Radioelectronic Facilities.

Primary scientific and production activity of the Laboratory is process modelling and software development for integrated mobile devices. The Laboratory plans to hold academic studies, researches in the field of modelling of integrated mobile devices for pattern recognition and object identification, training of students, graduates and post-graduates within the specialities assigned to the Academic Department of Radioelectronic Facilities by its primary scientific and production activities, as well as retraining of the specialists with higher education (advanced training), and organization of training courses and seminars.

This agreement is an efficient instrument of cooperation between BSUIR and AXONIM Devices. The latter will equip the Laboratory with up-to-date micro technologies and information stands, with the help of which BSUIR students will master their skills in implementation of operating systems such as FreeRTOS, eCOS, Linux, Android, Windows Compact integrated into mobile devices based on up-to-date microprocessors with ARM Cortex-M, ARM Cortex-A architectures, development of the based multi-function applications and design of mobile devices based on up-to-date microprocessors. In virtues of this Belarus market will be enriched with skilled IT personnel possessing up-to-date knowledge.

Leading IT companies, as well as AXONIM Devices which is the leader in Belarus for contractual development of electronic devices, are eager to hire such specialists. Joint establishment of such Laboratory is a prosperous project for cultivation of young specialists, which is an achievement for the Republic of Belarus.

Besides training of BSUIR students for this specialty, AXONIM Devices enrols hearers to the paid seminar on integrated systems. Upon graduation from the seminar the hearers will be granted with System-on-Chip ARM Cortex-M4F ST-based Microelectronics STM32F4 Discovery debug kits equipped with abundant peripheral devices (MEMS microphone, DA converter with D class amplifier, etc.). For the questions related to the seminar, please, refer to AXONIM Devices.

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