New processor module based on Atmel SAMA5D3 (updated)


AXONIM Devices announced the AXSY-SoM-SAMA5D3 System on Module (SOM), a feature packed SOM supporting the Atmel SAMA5D3 with ARM Cortex-A5 core and Vector Float Point version 4.

Development of the SOM was done with russian electronic supplier - "Symmetron" company.

The SOM delivers up to 536 MHz performance with ultra-low power mode support. The 314-pin SOM interconnect carries the SAMA5D3x high-performance interfaces such as, Gigabit Ethernet, 100Mbit Ethernet, USB2.0, CAN, LCD and more. 

Core of the module - Atmel SAMA5D3x SoC. This SoC on the ARM Cortex-A5 core with floating-point unit, the SAMA5D3 series is ideal for applications requiring high-precision computing and fast data processing. Features a 64-bit internal bus architecture and 32-bit wide DDR controller running up to 166MHz that offers up to 1328MB/s of bandwidth.

Ideal for battery-operated applications, the SAMA5D3 series consumes less than 150mW when running at maximum speed and under 0.5mW in low-power mode.

Includes secure boot, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)/Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryption engine, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and True Random Number Generator (TRNG).

 AXSY-SoM-SAMA5D3 System on Module (SOM)








Main features of the module:

  • Minimal components on the SoM, but enought to start full functional OS (DDR2, NAND Flash, SPI Flash, Gigabit Ethernet PHY and DC/DC);
  • All processor I/O are accessible via board-to-board connector;
  • Possible to change sizes of DDR2 RAM, NAND Flash and SPI Flash;
  • Dimentions - 82 x 55 mm.
  • Connector - 314 pin (MXM3).

AXONIM Devices released board support packages for most known OS:  Windows Embedded Compact 2013, Embedded Linux, eCOS and Android. Modules passed tests (EMC, Vibration, Thermo) and now in mass production.


Atmel SAMA5D3x
( ARM® Cortex-A5 @ 536MHz, VFPv4)

RAM 128 / 256 / 512 MBytes DDR2

256 / 512 / 1024 MBytes NAND,
1 / 2 / 4 / 8 MBytes SPI


1 x 24-бит LCD,
1 x EBI (external memory bus),
1 x GMAC (10/100/1000) - Onboard Gigabit PHY,
1 x EMAC (10/100),
3 x USB 2.0 HighSpeed OTG (480 Mbps), with PHY,
2 x CAN 2.0A/B,
1 x Softmodem,
3 x SD / MMC (with eMMC support),
2 x SPI,
2 x UART,
4 x USART,
3 x I2C (with SMBUS support),
PWM modules,
1 х RTC,
2 х SSP (I2S, TDM),

Supported OS Microsoft® Windows Embedded Compact 2013,
Embedded Linux,
eCos 3.0
Dimentions 82 x 55 mm
Power supply 3.3V / 5V

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