Create innovative products, ADI BF60x DSP based, togerther with us


AXONIM Devices Company offers services to develop new devices based on the DSP from Analog Devices - BF609 with 2 cores at 500MHz and supports DDR2 memory. In this series of high-performance processors BlackFin integrated hardware module Pipelined Vision Processor (PVP, pipelined video processor). PVP contains a number of configurable building blocks that provide a wide range of signal processing functions:

  • Determination of first and second derivative, the detection of the transition;
  • Four 5x5 convolution kernel with a total capacity of up to 8300 MMACS;
  • Supports video up to 1280x960;
  • 32-bit divider, multiplier, adder, and a general purpose accumulator  ;
  • and much more that can be applied to the ADSP-BF609 SoC, and tasks associated not only with the encoding and decoding the data stream, but also to detect, for accepting the allocation of objects.


The figure shows the debug kit ADSP-BF609-EZKIT, which is already in office. The company AXONIM Devices, which has experience in the development of devices based on ADSP-BF5xx/ADSP-21xxx, offers a upgrade platform with ADI SHARC / ADI Blackfin 5xx to the new platform ADSP-BF60x.

On a new BF60x - 2x MAC 10/100 MBit with hardware support IEEE1588 standard, which extends possibility of ADSP-BF609, and allows its use without any additional external crystals in industrial networks with deterministic reaction, such as EtherCat, ProfiNet, etc. We are pleased to offer the development of a Programmable Logic Controller, Media Center, Computer module for use in instrumentation, medical, industrial, automotive, etc.

As the operating systems we can offer you to use our experience in uClinux, eCOS, scmRTOS, FreeRTOS. Regarding the possibilities for programming Blackfin DSP, we can offer the following services.

We already prepared U-Boot and Embedded Linux images with CoreB loader support based on Buildroot 2012R1 BETA1 BF60X.

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