Konstantin B., Firmware developer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Konstantin B., firmware developer, software engineer. Programming: C, C++. Tools - git, svn, Jenkins. OS experience - Windows Embedded Compact, FreeRTOS, eCOS. Other skills - Embedded Systems, Device Drivers, HTML, CSS, Bash, JavaScript.

Main tasks that Konstantin is performing:

  • firmware development,
  • device drivers’ development,
  • embedded systems development.

    Konstantin participated as developer in the following projects, few are given below:

    Porting eCOS to STM32F4-Discovery.
    Porting eCOS to prototype of Profichip CPU (ARM926, ARM Cortex A5).
    WEC7 and WEC2013 BSP support, Modules based on Texas Instruments AM335x and Atmel SAMA5D3x.
    USB fiber inspector - Analog Devices Blackfin 702, OmniVision OV5640 sensor. The video stream is broadcast on the PC or on specific USB receiver.
    P300 Lenze touch driver support, Add support for new touch driver (Microchip AT1021) in WEC7.
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