10GB FAST / FIX hardware decoder

Messages decoder FAST / FIX - embedded hardware, software developed based on FPGA, designed for the use on server platforms and allows to reduce FAST / FIX messages decoding time compared to software solutions. This system is used for the conduct of high-speed trading on the stock exchange and is implemented on FPGA BOARD STRATIX IV XP4S530LP-20G hardware platform.

Implemented protocols in accordance with the requirements of:

-FAST Specification Version 1.x.1 2006-12-20. © FIX Protocol Ltd. (2006). MICEX Market Data Multicast FIX / FAST Platform.

-User guide. Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, Version 1.0, May 25, 2011.

Copyright © 2011–2018 AXONIM Devices
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