Dmitry R., Embedded design engineer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Dmitry R., embedded engineer, electronic design engineer, software engineer. Languages that he works with: C, Python, Verilog, SystemVerilog.

Some of the tasks that Dmitry has performed:

  • Video capture system from cameras Cameralink and GigEVision on FPGA Artix and Kintex (schematic, FPGA).
  • The implementation of a multi-channel DMA controller and the network stack (LACP, ARP, ICMP, UDP, TCP) with ultra-low latency for high-speed trading (software for FPGA, software for PC).
  • Digital nozzle to optical sight (schematic, software for FPGA).
  • Night vision devices with enhanced functionality (schematic, software for FPGA).
  • Implementation of precision scaling on FPGA (bicubic interpolation).
  • The driver of the infrared laser, to illuminate the night vision devices (schematic).
  • Hand-held scanner to scan in 5 spectral bands (schematic software to support the sensors, software for FPGA).
  • Electrocardiograph prototype based Gumstix module (software).
  • Measuring the electrical parameters of the aircraft generator (schematic, pcb layout, SW for MC).

Dmitry participated and implemented projects such as:
2D laser scanner (circuit processing DSP implementation in FPGA).
GSM Gateway, 32 channels (circuits).
Batteries and battery packs for night vision devices.
Stand for measurement and testing of battery and battery packs (schematic).
Protected laptop on Intel Atom E3800 processor (schematic).
Children's laptop-based Samsung Exynos S5PV210 processor (schematic).
FAST protocol decoder for high-speed financial trading (software for FPGA).
Programmable controller based processor module Baikal (schematic).
The programmable controller based on TI Sitara AM3874 processor (schematic).
Module-based Zynq 7 chip, board, memory (schematic).
Ethercat messages capture system based Zynq 7 module (schematic).
Programmable controllers for vegetable stores (schematic).
Sound level meter analyzer M105, sound level meter MANOM-2 sound level meter analyzer MANOM-4 (schematic, SW).
Strain gauge type complex (schematic, pcb layout, SW).
Complex multi-parameter rapid diagnosis and machinery VIKMA-2 (schematic, pcb layout, SW FPGA, SW for MC).
Oscilloscope C1-127 LCD (schematic, SW FPGA, SW for MC).

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