Denis M., Embedded Systems Engineer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Denis M., embedded systems developer, project manager.

Main tasks that Denis is performing: technical requirements writing, development project planning and management, HW & SW architectures development, algorithms development.

Areas of expertise:

  • Contactless and contact sensors and systems for the geometric parameters and movements measuring
  • The metrology measurement systems automation and refinement.
  • Algorithms and methods of image processing of the scattered and reflected laser triangulation for measuring systems.
  • Embedded electronics and algorithms for digital optical devices for various purposes. And others.

Some of the projects implemented by Denis:
The algorithm for determining the position of the cable positioning system at grader machine;
The algorithm for determining the position of road markings strip for the positioning of the road surface markings system; Software for automated measurement and verification of end action on the basis of contact inductive sensors;
Software for automated measurement and verification of standard gauge blocks on the basis of Kesters’ interferometer;
Software for automated measurement and verification of test heads dial;
The technique and algorithm for determining the position of the image of the measuring range of roulette;
Software for automated calibration and ultrasonic level float;
Software for automated calibration of measuring lines of roulette;
The system of automated control of the number of micro-particles in industrial fluids;
The system of 3D scanning and checking the quality of the EOS installation on silicon and metal substrates for high-definition cameras used in optical systems and meteorological satellites;
Methods and algorithms for finding the profile of the object and the conversion to linear coordinates;
2D triangulation sensor for measuring profiles of objects;
Methods and algorithms for automated calibration 2D triangulation sensors;
Software for automated calibration and verification of 2D triangulation sensors;
Methods and algorithms for determining the distance based on the stereoscopic systems;
The system determining the distance to an object based on stereoscopy;
Software for the automation of machines for EOS assembly for CRT;
Controller shut-off valve for the water utilities;
Optical microscope for automated quality control spirals traveling wave tubes;
Camera for process automation with a frame rate of 250, 500;
Methods and algorithms for image processing to detect bullet holes on a target;
Electronic shooting - an automated system of scoring.

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