Comics 9: Robot school

Robots are more and more penetrating all spheres of human life - somewhere they help us, somewhere robots replace us completely. Robotics is gaining popularity and is growing rapidly. New instances of robots appear more and more often. But where are the old units?

Functional models of most robots are very limited and involve small set of useful features. Another important factor is design, when industrial robots are evaluated basing on their performance, but not appearance, robots-home-helpers quickly leave fashion stream and they have to move to landfills. Robot School gives a second chance to outdated robots - updates, trains and helps robots to develop their skills!

quantity of robots is increasing, but their functional models are very limited, most quickly become obsolete

We teach robots new features

Robots are individual training

postman robot, fire robot

rescuer robot, robot gardener

conveyor robot, submarine robot

Robot-adjuster,laser control of parts and assemblieschef robot,

Robot training programs

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