Comics 7: Artificial intelligence Sphere

Innumerous amount of information and personal / private data about each of us is stored and daily updated in Internet. It would seem that such data amount provides, for example, to any advertising system maximum efficiency and we will see in online ads precisely those things and services that are interesting to us. Nevertheless, in fact, until now, after we already found and purchased the thing or service what we are interested in, we continue to receive promotional messages containing same product at different web sites. The resulting system is significantly overdue.

Imagine that the analytic and predictive capabilities of digital systems and devices still refined to an acceptable level. Then it turns out that the artificial system has the ability to take into account and instantly analyze all available data, not only about you personally, but also about all of your relatives, friends, colleagues, adversaries, competitors, and all those who somehow can interfere with you in day to day life. Moreover, to make reliable predictions about any of your questions and suggestions. While you do not know in what mood the person with whom you will meet today is today and the system already knows it and predicts all possible scenarios based on existing available data set.

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