Alexander S., Hardware developer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Alexander S., hardware developer, embedded electronics developer, project manager.

Examples of issues that Alexander has run a number of projects:

  • technical requirement righting,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • library design,
  • schematics reading and analyzing,
  • PCB routing,
  • signal analysis,
  • EMI reduction,
  • thermal analysis,
  • Gerber output files creation and analysis,
  • full 3D model of PCB creation,
  • Engineering Documentation Package creation,
  • PCB manufacturing / delivery management,
  • parts kitting delivery management,
  • PCB assembly management.

    Alexander run as project manager and participated as developer in projects, the list of few is given below:

    Development of the PCB modules for trajectory changes systems: «Veresk 1», «Veresk 3», detection system «friend-foe», «Remeshok».
    Development of the PCB for digital TV cameras of high resolution, thermal vision and night vision digital optical devices, thermal sights, laser rangefinders.
    Development of the PCB for 400Hz cameras. PCBs 10 Hbit/s. PCBs for PCI, PCIe,  CompactPCI, DVI, HDMI, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, DDR3.
    Development with FBGA, FFBGA, CS bodies.
    Streaming Data Processing Module: 8 layers, 2 BGA, 61 Diff Pairs (Rocket IO 2Gb/sec, DVI, LVDS, HSTL), CompactPCI
    Coordinator: 6 layers, 27 BGA, CompactPCI, LVDS.
    Four-channel Video registrator: 8 layers, 3 BGA, DDR-II, Diff Pairs (USB, LVDS)
    HyperLinx diagrams. Line termination choice between QDR and Virtex 4: Using DCI and ODT, Using serial R
    Graphics Processor. 12 layers, 6 BGA (3x165 pins, 456 pins, 668 pins, 672 pins), 19 Diff Pairs (USB, LVDS, HSTL), 4 DDR, 3 QDR-II (200 MHz).

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