Alexander L., Firmware developer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Alexander L., firmware developer, software engineer. Programming: C, C++. Real time operating systems: FreeRTOS, eCOS, µC/OS. Networking: TCP/IP, RTP. Other skills: Embedded systems development, HTML, XML, bash, JavaScript, Microsoft .NET, Python.

Main issues that Alexander is working at:

  • firmware development,
  • device drivers’ development,
  • embedded systems development.

    Alexander participated as developer in the following projects, few are given below:

    eCos 3.0 porting for AX-SoM-BF60x processor modules: Porting eCOS 3.0 to Analog Devices BF609 processor. BSP preparation. Peripheral drivers support.
    Night vision devices. OS: FreeRTOS. CPU: Analog Devices Blackfin, Texas Instruments CC. Description: Firmware development for a series of night vision devices. Responsibilities: Porting FreeRTOS to BF processor, peripheral drivers support (PPI, QSPI, USB, I2S). Capturing video from image sensor. Capturing sound from TLV320ADC3101 audio ADC. Displaying video on LCD. Streaming video and audio over RTP. Device control via specific TCP-based protocol. Device access over USB as a Mass Storage Device.
    Street lighting control system. OS: FreeRTOS. CPU: ATmega1280. Street lighting and water pump, sewer pump control systems working under SCADA control. Responsibilities: embedded software architecture development, Modbus RTU slave implementation, Modbus TCP slave implementation, prepared framework for further projects (booster and sewer pump stations).
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