Alexander K., PCB designer

We continue to acquaint you with the members of our team. Let us introduce Alexander K., hardware developer, PCB designer.

Examples of issues that Alexander runs in a number of projects:

  • electronic components' selection,
  • PCB project management,
  • schematics design (digital electronics),
  • PCB design,
  • signal integrity and EMC understanding,
  • mechanical design,
  • PCB manufacturing and assembly support;
  • library design,
  • schematic entry,
  • DFM verification and all kinds of analysis like signal integrity, power integrity and thermal analysis.

Alexander run as project manager and participated as developer in projects, the list of few is given below:

PCB for military optical electronic stations, range & height finders, infrared scanners, video cameras, PCB for retrofitting military equipment, PCB for exploratory instruments (medical, chemical, physics, scientific).
Thermal analysis of power module for IR-camera. BetaSoft Thermal software.
Industrial Digital IR-camera 3D-model of camera, assembled in Mechanical Desktop Power Pack 6.
RF-panel designed in OrCAD, 6-layer board, HDI stack-up.
Controller board for Ferrari Formula-1 vehicle - Designed in Mentor Expedition, 16-layer board, HDI.
Fixing problematic board routing for new model of LCD TV set (Cinema 21:9 series). DDR memory and processor routing were fixed. Software - Mentor Board Station RE, Hyperlynx.
Computer heating and heat distribution analysis (3D solver). Mentor FloTherm and FloPCB software.
Power Integrity analysis for high current board (HyperLynx 8.2). Current level about 100Amps (at 52V), copper thickness is 100um, 16 layer board.
IBIS model parsing – finding out and fixing some non-monotonic behaviors in the model current-voltage characteristics using Edality IBIS Development Studio software, and signal integrity of high-speed nets.
Controller board, Mentor Graphics PADS 9.3.1, 8-layer, HDI.

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