Hardware engineer, PCB designer

AXONIM is seeking for a hardware engineer, PCB designer.


  • Multilayer printed circuit boards design,
  • 3D PCB models developing,
  • Preparing files for production,
  • Developing and execution of documentation,
  • PCB manufacturing, assembling and maintenance,
  • Library components maintaining and supporting.


  • Experience in PCB trace with high-speed interfaces: PCIe, DDR2, DDR3, USB, SATA, and others;
  • Experience of tracking radio frequency and microwave devices (GSM-, Wi-Fi - modules);
  • Experience in EMC calculation, thermal calculation, impedance control, HDI (tight installation), simulation SI, PI;
  • Knowledge of: Expedition PCB, DC, HL (Mentor Graphics), CAM350, AutoCAD, SolidWorks;
  • Engineering mind;
  • Team work abilities.
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