Sergei Cherviakov, CEO of Medelkom Company:

"AXONIM Devices as innovative company demonstrated professional approach and used key technical skills in the developing process of the operating system based on Windows Embedded CE 6.0 for the TI OMAP3530 SoC for our new product. Their team played an important role and contribution in entering the market with an innovative product."

Pavel Ivanchenko, Head of Starterkit.RU project:

"Experience of AXONIM Devices team in development of board support package (BSP) for Windows Embedded at the Freescale i.MX platform allows our customers to develop high-performance devices with multimedia capabilities - easy, fast and with high-quality."

Alexey Peslyak, CEO of "MT-System", TI representative and supplier:

"Experience and qualifications of AXONIM Devices specialists in the design of embedded systems makes them a strong player in the contract electronics design and allows their cutomers to solve problems related automation, data acquisition, control, automation of complex equipment and processes."

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