About us

The AXONIM company provides electronics and embedded systems development services. Engineers and developers of the company have experience and competences of embedded electronics and digital devices design in various subject areas. Professional experience of a number of our engineers has more than a dozen of years. More about our Development team.

Systems, that our developers have developed earlier, or that they are creating or supporting now, are used around the world. For example, metrology equipment, night and thermal vision optics, machine vision, 2D and 3D scanning, consumer electronics, accounting systems and monitoring at gas distribution stations, protected computers, industrial controllers, technical processes automation systems, nuclear energy control systems, etc. Some examples are given in the Portfolio.

The process of the new device development includes project assessment, technical project research, hardware platforms and software architecture selection, project planning and risk management, hardware platform development, software development, body design, prototyping, implementation in production and technical support. Learn more about our services.

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